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Genie Castro

Original Paintings

While working as a fashion and print designer in Manhattan, Genie Castro was accepted into the famed Art Students League where she studied under renowned painter Hananiah Harari. It was there that she began discovering her unique voice as an artist. As Genies life has expanded she has continued to challenge herself to honor her voice as artist as well as wife, mother; woman. This fearless commitment is evident in the evolution of her art, such that her journey into the world of monotypes has become the medium of her fullest self-expression. The masterful strokes, layers of vibrant color and subtle detail reveal Genies true nature and allow the observer to see the artist as she is; bold, vibrant, dramatic, complex and joyful.

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Genie brings this same level of passion and commitment to programs that enrich children in the arts. Her involvement with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has spanned more than a decade through Art Adventure and Art Perchance. Her mission to help children discover their own voice through art is the driving force behind the Willow River Elementary Annual Art Show in Hudson, Wisconsin. Every year the art show displays individual and group student works alongside professional artists works and raises funds to support ongoing art programs for the school.

Her work has hung alongside master artists Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Frank Stella, Robert Longo and Donald Sultan and is part of the Permanent Collection at the Chelsea Tahari Showroom in New Yorks art district.

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